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Posted on | January 3, 2016 | 1 Comment

My novel The Motherland Garden has been accepted for publication by Twelfth Planet Press. It should be out in 2017.

I wrote the first draft of this novel in 2004-05 in the rush of creativity and enthusiasm which came after attending the Clarion workshop. It has been kicking around in a neglected state for the last decade but is currently being lovingly redrafted. This is a very slow process due to my current work entanglements so patience is required for everyone, not least of all me.

Luckily it’s found a home at Twelfth Planet Press who seem to be happy to wait until it’s ready.


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I had a wonderful time at Readercon. It is an extremely friendly convention and it was also wonderful to catch up with some old friends from Clarion who I hadn’t seen for years. It was all too brief but that is usually the way. I was very happy to meet Samuel R Delany. I read most of his critical work a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Geoff Ryman was the guest of honour and it was wonderful to see him talk as I have just fallen in love with his work. I had just read Air and was blown away by it. Currently reading The Child Garden, which has this quote in its introduction:

“Literature for me… tries to heal the harm done by stories. (How much harm? Most of the atrocities of history have been created by stories, eg. the Jews killed Jesus.) I follow Sartre that the freedom the author claims for herself must be shared with the reader. So that would mean that literature is stories that put themselves at the disposal of readers who want to heal themselves. Their healing power lies in their honesty, the freshness of their vision, the new and unexpected things they show, the increase in power and responsibility they give the reader” – Geoff Ryman

My trip to the US also entailed visiting my Clarion buddy Tenea Johnson who just has a new book out today, Smoketown, and my other Clarion buddy Nikki Kimberling and her partner Dawn, who published that book and have a great small press called Blind Eye Books. I would provide links but it is time for bed and besides, you can use Google.

Now I’m in Darwin for a little while maintaining my secret other life as a medical student. I no longer live in Brisbane so have to change the website at some point–currently migratory.

Going to Readercon

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Well, I haven’t posted here in so long that I couldn’t remember the password and had to look it up in that secret place where I keep passwords.
I have been remembering lately that I’m a writer and doing a few things based on that assumption including finishing a novelette I’ve been working on for a few years and signing up to go to Readercon in Boston in July. I’ll be in the US for a placement and I’m very happy to be able to fit this in. I’ve heard really good things about Readercon and I’m also excited that Geoff Ryman is one of the guests of honour. I just started reading The King’s Last Song and every chapter blows me away. Planning to purchase all his other books at the convention.
I won’t be doing any panels or anything at the convention. I’d rather just listen to the interesting people talk.
Hope to see some of you there! Promise to report back at some point.

Back from Worldcon

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Well, I did end up chairing a panel on Climate Change: Possible Futures for Planet Earth, which was in a dauntingly large auditorium with a dauntingly heavyweight line up of panelists, but a good discussion was had.

(Kim Stanley Robinson, Sean McMullen, me, Tiki Swain and Jonathan Cowie). (Thanks to Paul Haines for the photo).

Among other things, I ended up crashing a party which I didn’t realise I had been invited too. I was also interviewed for a podcast, Erkpod. I haven’t listened to it, and hope I didn’t say anything too stupid.

The highlight of the convention for me was listening to Kim Stanley Robinson speak. He’s certainly one of my favourite writers, and has had a big influence on me and my writing (though that might not be obvious). It’s always great to find out that someone whose work you admire is also a lovely person and inspiring speaker. He challenged the next generation of writers to create stories which depict utopian futures.  “The more visions we have of a future where things are going right in some large sense, the more we believe in our hearts that we’re headed that way as a consensus culture” (quoted from Gary Kemble’s article).

I will certainly take that under consideration.

Going to Worldcon

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I’ll be at the World Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne this coming weekend. Schedule as follows:

Fri 1600 Rm 217: Medical ethics in the 21st century

Sun 1000 Rm 215: Reading

I’ll probably be reading from my unpublished novel The Motherland Garden.

I’m also scheduled for a panel on climate change on Monday but won’t be able to make it.

Looking forward to catching up with many lovely people and meeting some new ones.

Website Reborn

Posted on | April 16, 2010 | 1 Comment

Hello everyone!

After a couple of years of letting everything slide, I have now refurbished my website. Still a bit of content to come.

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    Grace Dugan is an Australian writer and medical doctor currently working in Papua New Guinea.